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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy! Busy!Busy!

Generally when I put my kid to bed I lay with him til he falls asleep, usually this results in me falling asleep too, which means I am in bed at 8 every night! But for a couple of weeks now I have been making a serious effort to not fall asleep so that I can get up and scrap for a few hours! It has been fun getting some crafty time in but I am going to have to get used to less than 12 hours of sleep :)

Here are some layouts that I have finished!

The first is a fancy pants layout ( I just love to say fancy pants)! The wave and sun was a transparency that I cut up. The wave I cut out with patterned paper behind it and the sun had some bling added to it! The photo was the very first time my adorable little boy was in the ocean! I love love love the way this layout turned out!

The second layout is basicgrey with some petaloo flowers that I just love! The picture is my kid with my hair. It is kinda weird the way he is with my hair but it started when he was very little and still today at four years old the first thing he does when he is upset or going to bed is reach for my hair!

Third is for a Christmas in July challenge over at It is more basicgrey! The photos are of my little boy getting his reindeer food and spreading it on christmas eve.

Next is bobunny...I had this paper in my scrap pile, it ws left over from a mini album I had made. The photo is my little boy with some of the neighbor kids.
Last is more scraps...bobunny and fancy pants. The photo is my silly little boy using tire foam on his big wheel after he washed it!


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